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What My Dog Jackie Taught Me About Life

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Meet Jackie.  Jackie is my best friend.  She and I have been through a lot together over the last ten or so years.  And I really have to say, I have learned so much from this furry, four-legged angel.  She truly is an inspiration and the strongest creature I have ever known. Never have I known anyone with a stronger will to live than my dog, Jackie.

In the eleven years that Jackie has blessed my life with her unconditional love and companionship, Jackie has endured far more than any dog should.  She has endured a few bouts of pneumonia; a nasty laceration on her shoulder; crushing one of her newborn pups to death, and nearly dying twice after they were born; being bitten by a baby rattlesnake and eating my Easter lily a week later.  Now, my sweet Jackie is in her second year of battling cancer. Her sweet little doggy body is riddled with tumors, and some days I wonder how on earth she does it.

This beautiful creature has more strength, more courage, and more love in her furry little body than most humans I have ever known.  Her instinct and unshakeable will to stay alive has been a constant inspiration in my own battle to stay alive with multiple mental illnesses, chronic Lyme disease, and fibromyalgia.  I cannot count the times that despite her own pain and infirmities, my sweet little Jackie would lay down beside me or in my lap to offer me comfort and solace whenever I would be feeling unwell or in the throes of depression or a nasty fibro-flare.  This dog, this sweet, beautiful, loyal-to-the-bitter-end dog of mine is coming to her end of days. And when that terrible day comes, there will be no words to describe the pain and anguish that will grip my aching heart and I mourn and grieve the loss of my furever friend.

Jackie has taught me to remain strong and compassionate despite my pain and struggles.  She has taught me to love without limits or conditions. Jackie has taught me to be fiercely loyal and protective of those I love and hold dearest to my heart.  Above all this, Jackie has taught me to just keep putting one paw…ahem…one foot in front of the other and stay alive no matter how much it hurts.

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