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What she has done,
Can never be undone.
She tries to hide,
The rage inside,
She wants to die.
She’s a monster.
She’s a whore.
Her faith is shaken to her core.
Death and destruction follow her,
Everywhere she goes,
Lurking, prowling,
In the shadows,
Like screaming demons inside her head,
Clawing, gnawing,
There is no peace.
She’s dirty, she’s unclean,
She can’t pray it away,
With incense, perfume, and tears,
Her crimson hair can’t wash it away,
There’s no mercy here,
She’s unforgivable,
God can’t hear a word she says.
She can’t drink it away,
All the bottles are empty anyway.
The pills and potions won’t silence the screaming voices,
Ravaging her fragmented mind.
Nowhere to run,
Nowhere to hide,
Her scarlet letter,
Is far too much for her to bear,
Cast the stones at her,
She knows what she deserves,
Her sins are unforgivable,
Too dirty to ever be washed away,
She’s unforgivable,
Too damned to ever be loved.
Too damned to ever be saved.
© Clara J Chauteco
February 21, 2016

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