Lisa Nichols — Find Your Way Back

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“I said “yes” when I wanted to say, “no, I don’t want to do that.”

Sadly, today many of us women will say, “yes” when we really want to say, “no, I don’t want to do that.”

But why?  Why do we do this?  Why are we so afraid to say “no” to certain people in our lives?  What exactly is it that we are so afraid of that we cannot let the two-letter word, N-O fall from our lips?  This is a question that I ask myself quite often.

Lisa Nichols is a woman who once believed that she “did not fit the profile” to be in an abusive relationship.  (Do any of us believe that we fit such a profile?  I mean what exactly would it look like if we could actually paint a crystal clear picture of it?)  However, this was not the case for Lisa.  She was in fact abused by the man she loved.  And like many women who endure abusive relationships, Lisa lost herself — but she refused to remain “lost”.   She refused to remain a victim.  She refused to remain silent.

Although this blog is dedicated to all of the brave women out there who choose to STAND and FIGHT for their marriages to unrepentant emotionally/verbally abusive and ADDICTED husbands, I want to say that abuse is NEVER okay.  Let me repeat that, sister.


Verbal and emotional abuse is NEVER okay.  Physical violence is NEVER okay.  Sexual violence is NEVER okay.  And sometimes, choosing to stay in a relationship where abuse at this level is present, could be dangerous, or even deadly.

Lisa left her abusive relationship and has overcome great obstacles in her life that the Enemy meant to use to keep her trapped in a place of self-hatred and defeat.  I encourage you to watch her powerful story of how she has overcome the depression that such horrific abuse caused, found her true worth in Christ, and even found tremendous business success.

Sister, I cannot tell you whether you should stand for your marriage, or if you should leave.  That is something you will need to pray fervently about.  What I can do for you sister is offer you my love, my prayers, my friendship, and encouragement, whatever you decide to choose.

If you are being abused in any way by your husband, boyfriend, or partner, I want you to know that it is NOT your fault.  You are NOT alone.  There is hope, and there is help.  If you are experiencing abuse in your marriage or relationship, please seek the help and guidance of professionally trained counselors who deal in such circumstances.  You can also visit my growing resources page for additional help and information.

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