17 Homemaking Quotes That Will Inspire You

One of the reasons I’m at home is to provide an environment my family wants to come home to. As best I can, I endeavor to create a welcoming, soothing atmosphere to speak love to my family.  However, despite my best efforts, I can easily become overwhelmed by mountains of laundry and dishes that often seem so much larger than life.  Below are seventeen inspiring homemaking quotes that will remind you just how vital your role is as a homemaker.

Establishing Your House on the Word of God

If you were to take inventory of your home and life right now, and you are not absolutely in love everything you see, don’t fret!  It’s not the end of the world yet, sister!  The great news is, that with the assistance of the Holy Spirit as well as literally one Word from God you could begin to remodel your home right now!