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6 Ways to Take Better Care of Your Mental Health

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Mental health issues affect nearly fifteen percent of the population. This data can be somewhat alarming, considering that two-thirds of those diagnosed with a mental disorder remain untreated. While mental disorders are usually caused by chemical imbalance in the brain, others (such as PTSD and complex PTSD) are caused by traumatic experiences that we need to deal with, such as the death of a loved one, witnessing an act of violence, abuse, or some other tragic or traumatic experience. Hence, the goal is to maintain good or positive mental health, where one is able to take control of her life and able to cope with any and all situations that come her way. Here are six ways you can start taking better care of your mental health, today!

#1.  Remember that happiness is a choice.  This may sound vague, but there are many ways to chose happiness. It’s easier to remain positive and optimistic when we take our focus off of ourselves and our “problems” and choose to focus our attention and energy on the positive. Looking at the bright side of things may sound a bit cliche, however keeping an optimistic mindset can do wonders for our mental health.

So how do we stay happy?

#2.  Next, we must learn to balance our time.  After a busy day or week, take some time to unwind and relax. Do something fun and pleasurable with your friends or family. It can be a hobby, sport or a simple activity.  Aside from balancing our time, we must also manage time well. To minimize stress, make a schedule of the things you will do, and stick to it.

Mental health issues affect nearly fifteen percent of the population. Sadly, two-thirds of those diagnosed with a mental disorder remain untreated.

#3.  Learn how to be tolerant of others.  Each of us is different in many ways, so we must learn to respect each other’s ideas and opinions, even if it differs from our own. Learn to accept the weaknesses and shortcomings of others. Once we learn to accept, there is a lesser chance of conflict, which can be stressful and frustrating.

#4.  Spend time with your family and friends. Find time to talk to someone, even if you don’t make sense at all! What is important is the act of sharing your experiences, worries or problems with somebody. You must also learn to listen to their worries for them to feel better. In effect, not only have you helped yourself but you’ve helped your friend too.

#5.  Maintain a healthy lifestyle.  You already know the basics. Eat a balanced diet that is free from unhealthy additives and other junk. Exercise regularly.  Sleep well.  Avoid drugs and alcohol.  If you smoke, quit smoking.  Avoid doing strenuous activities.  Take time to rest and relax.

#6.  Remember, depression and other mental disorders affect children and young adults too. Parents have a vital role in their child’s mental health.  Parents must learn to communicate with their kids and at the same time listen to them. In dealing with your children, it is critical to ensure that the child feels appreciated always.  Acknowledge their strengths instead of focusing on their weaknesses.

Their coping abilities must also be developed. If they make a mistake, explain so they will learn from it. Allow them to develop a sense of responsibility by letting them solve problems as well as make decisions. Teach them the importance of discipline and self-worth. Discipline them without making them feel unloved or unworthy.

Lastly, accept them for who they are. With acceptance comes love, respect, and everything else.

The key to taking care of mental health is being happy and in control of our lives. Once we know how to take control, we are able to cope with any and all situations that come our way. Being happy is not just a one-time event – it is a lifestyle. Stay positive always.  Learn to find joy in the simple miracles of life.  And be grateful for each wonderful day.

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