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40 Practical Things To Do When Life Seems To Be Falling Apart

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Today, I’d like to share an article I came across this morning that is a great reminder to just slow down and take it easy once in a while — especially during those overwhelming and stressful times when life seems to be falling apart, and you find yourself falling apart right along with it.

So, if you find that you are coming undone, unglued, unhinged, and unraveled, read on to discover 40 practical things to do when life seems to be falling apart.

40 Practical Things To Do When Life Seems To Be Falling Apart

I made this list for myself because I wanted something handy to have during tough times. It is simple, quick to read and it helps me make effective decisions. I liked it so much and I deemed it very useful.  Let me know what your favorite strategies are, what your favorite group is and which ones you have tried in the comments!


1. Go to bed earlier
2. Draw a bath
3. Treat yourself
4. Appreciate nature
5. Talk to a good friend about good stuff


6. Pray
7. Take deep breaths
8. Focus on easier tasks
9. Set things aside
10. This is not the same as giving up


11. Take a stroll
12. Do some stretches
13. Work on a jigsaw puzzle
14. Do a word search
15. Do some light strength conditioning


16. It’s not always black or white
17. Take a break from social media
18. Write out your thoughts and then read them
19. Think of beautiful places, smells, and people
20. Remember that things will not always be this way


21. Take a dance class
22. Go on an adventure with a loved one
23. Go to the beach
24.Read an interesting book
25. Try out a new restaurant or coffee shop


26. Make a list of things you love about the earth
27. Make a list of your good memories
28. Make a list of all the efforts you’ve made
29. Get your paint brush and paint ‘the big picture’
30. Make a list of things you like about life


31. Eat a healthy meal
32. Burn a sweet smelling candle
33. Write about how you feel – it’s OK to vent on paper!
34. Buy little gifts for loved ones
35. Tell yourself that it’s going to get better.


36. Be assertive
37. Talk about how you really feel
38. Consider therapy/counseling
39. Ask for appropriate help.
40. Do not be afraid to say no (or yes).

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